Law Society Excellence Awards – Doncaster Fast Track Nominations


The National Law Society is promoting its annual Excellence Awards and is accepting nominations now.

Local Law Societies are encouraged to seek nominations from their membership and are given “passporting” rights to certain categories:


  1. Solicitor of the Year (Private Practice)
  2. Solicitor of the Year (In-House)
  3. Solicitor-Advocate of the Year

If you, or a member of your firm is eligible for nomination in any of these categories and you are a member of the Doncaster and District Law Society then please email me a copy of your nomination no later than 12noon on Wednesday 24th May. Nomination forms can be accessed here: .

In the event of more than one nomination per category an emergency meeting of the committee will take place on Thursday 25th May to determine which nomination will be put forward as the Local Society’s nomination – which under the scheme will automatically place the nomination on the “long list” for that category.

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified so that you can make your own nomination directly ahead of the national deadline of close of business on Friday 26th May.

Membership of the DDLS is £50 for solicitor members per year and membership applications will be accepted for those wanting to be considered for nomination in the Excellence Awards.

There is a strong possibility that yours will be the only nomination – so please consider entering, particularly as so many of these Awards appear to be “London-centric”. Let’s put Doncaster on the map!