Yorkshire Union publishes Consultation Schedule for Members

The Yorkshire Union has distributed a list of forthcoming consultations for members . If Members wish to submit a response they can do so directly but equally Doncaster Law Society working with the Yorkshire Union can make submissions if you send them to us in good time .

Consultation on sentencing guidelines: child cruelty


Closing date for responses – 13 September 2017

This consultation seeks views on new guidelines for offences of cruelty to a child, causing or allowing a child to die or suffer serious physical harm and failing to protect a girl from the risk of FGM.

Regulatory performance assessment – LSB


Closing date for responses – 25 September 2017

The consultation seeks views on the proposed performance assessment framework the LSB intends to use for its regulatory oversight.

Following a review of previous process and a consultation with regulators the LSB has identified  opportunities for improvement in areas as follows:

  • The regulatory performance standards could be more representative of the key areas of regulatory risk (for example, they could cover authorisation and education and training) and there was scope to remove duplication and ambiguity amongst the indicators outlined under each standard
  • There is an opportunity to be more systematic and to utilise an ongoing approach to gathering information and evidence about the regulators’ performance
  • The assessment process could be more proportionate, risk-based and targeted. It was also noted that greater clarity was needed as to whether the process assesses performance against minimum standards required for effective regulation or ‘gold-plated’ regulation, and
  • The grading scale could more accurately reflect the regulators’ current performance rather than the progress the regulators’ have made and intend to make.


Draft ‘Information for tenants of social landlords’ document


Closing date for responses – 13 September 2017

The Welsh Government is consulting on a sample document to see if it clearly summarises the right to buy and the right to acquire, explains clearly when these rights could end and explains clearly the financial and legal advice tenants should get if they wish to exercise the right to buy or right to acquire.

Fees charged to tenants in the private rented sector


Closing date for responses- 27 September 2017

The Welsh Government is consulting on the nature and level of fees being charged to determine which fees are being reasonably charged to tenants, fees paid by landlords and consequences of banning fees.

Law Commission Reform on Wills Law


The Law Commission is consulting on the following proposals:

  • Giving the court power to recognise a will in cases where the formality rules haven’t been followed but the will-maker has made clear their intentions.
  • An overhaul of the rules protecting those making a will from being unduly influenced by another person.
  • Applying the test of capacity in the Mental Capacity Act 2005 to the question of whether a person has the capacity to make a will.
  • Providing statutory guidance for doctors and other professionals conducting an assessment of whether a person has the required mental capacity to make a will.
  • Giving the Lord Chancellor power to make provision for electronic wills.
  • Lowering the age at which people are able to make a will from 18 to 16 years old.

In its consultation the Law Commission also asks the public what the main barriers they see to people making a will and to tell it about their own experiences of disputes over wills following the death of a loved one.  The paper also asks whether the rule that marriage revokes a will should be retained or abolished.

Closing date for responses – 10 November 2017

Law Commission Sentencing Code


Closing date for responses  – 26 January 2018

The Law Commission is consulting on the introduction of a single sentencing statute that will act as the comprehensive source of sentencing law – the “Sentencing Code”.

For further information regarding any of the consultations please contact Lauren Rabaiotti, (policy adviser for tax and intellectual property): lauren.rabaiotti@lawsociety.org.uk