Bar escalates action following House of Commons Meeting

Following a well attended Meeting of Barristers and Solicitors at the House of Commons on 8th May the motion put forward over Criminal Legal Aid was defeated in the Commons . This then left the Bar no alternative but to escalate the action to a full no returns policy . This meeting was attended by Yorkshire Council Member Mark Newby .

This will mean that Barristers who support the action will not accept any return work for other barristers . As the system relies on such barristers undertaking this work and other members of the bar taking on cases where barristers over run in trials this is likely to lead to major disruption .

The the CBA Announcement there

The Law Society continues to monitor the action and how Solicitors are being treated in Court when Counsel is not available . The Law Societies own action against the LGFS scheme is due for hearing in July .

Solicitors are reminded to follow the clear guidance provided by the Law Society and any warnings by the SRA .